Sliding entryway locks comes in distinctive plans and styles, so make sure to buy one that can be utilized on your entryway sort

Step 1 – Check the Latch

Check if the lock is now broken or in the event that it can in any case be repaired. Typically, a glass sliding entryway will have a standard pin tumbler lock that can be found in any consistent entryway. The garbage present inside the equipment may be creating the failure to turn the lock, a typical issue of sliding entryway hooks. For this situation, embed the graphite pen into the lock and press some greasing up substance into the hook. Once in a while the sliding entryway may have a hook that works by sliding a little score all over. These sorts of hooks likewise encounter the same side effects as the standard glass entryway locks. Take a stab at applying grease, for example, a petroleum-based oil or WD-40 in the zone to check whether that works.

Step 2 – Replace the Door Latch

On the off chance that greasing up the hook doesn't settle the issue, it's an ideal opportunity to supplant the entryway lock. Uproot the screws connecting the broken using so as to slide glass entryway lock to the entryway the screwdriver. Visit your neighborhood tool shop and present to them your broken entryway hook as reference for your buying prerequisite. Having the broken entryway hook with you at the season of procurement will spare you from doing a reversal and forward from the store when you unintentionally buy an incongruent lock.